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      It started with a question...

      "Why can't you find a quality and affordable online store, with unique gifts and accessories, without looking at thousands of items?" More simplicity for online shopping was needed. The Lady Gryphon Shop was born to help people achieve balance in their hectic lives and provide our customers with quality and sustainable gift ideas.

      Our Mission

      To provide a unique shopping alternative for the "Busy Individual" who can't seem to find the time to shop for those important and unique gifts. That’s why we offer a curated collection of memorable, quality, and sustainable gift ideas.

      Hi, meet,


      Lady Gryphon is a labor of love, focused on serving all the hard-working individuals who are trying to survive the current economic hardships that the pandemic has brought and those who are so busy with home, work, kids, and family management. This is the Lady Gryphon Shop. 


      Our Customer Promise

      Sensational Products, Always

      Tenacious Staff to get the job done

      Yes attitude with our customers

      Love our jobs

      Engagement is 100%

      Metrics is knowledge

      Excellence is everything

      Love who we work with

      Giving our all to you

      Who makes it happen - Meet the LG Team!

      • Kim Springsteen-Abbott: Owner and Purchaser
      • Airin Quiles: Senior Store Associate (not shown)
      • Rosemary Fisher: Product and Fulfillment Management
      • Diane Devletian: Editor of the LG Newsletter and Relationship Development

      Posts & News



      Why pick a Gryphon?

      A Greek Mythological creature with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion - which represents keen vision, courage, and strength. This creature was used by kings and queens to guard and protect their fortunes - aka "guardians of their gold." Are we guardians of our own gold? Looking for quality and more importantly, looking for value and sustainable options? Sure we are.

      Why Lady Gryphon?

      We have a discerning eye when it comes to style and we think you’ll agree. While all of our products are meticulously sourced, our eyes are cast on the delicate balance of quality, affordability, and sustainability. You can count on us to curate items that you must have in your closet, in your home or adorned on your person.

      While you juggle all of life's little challenges, rest assured that our dedicated team of stylists are hunting down the very best items at the very best price!

      Are You Searching for Quality and Sustainable Gift Ideas?

      We are consistently sourcing from vendors that hold similar values as us: promoting diversity and giving patronage to inclusive communities that bring innovative products to our platform. Look at their stories, their passions, and their charities - many of our products are connected to charities, and their products are frequently eco-friendly and vegan-friendly. 

      We are on a mission to provide you with unique, quality, and sustainable gift ideas for any occasion. We want to enable you to participate with our passion for social responsibility with whom we work with.

      Join our Journey

      You've never worked harder than during these times and you deserve the very best customer experience. Join us today on Facebook, Instagram, or share your ideas with us on products you'd like to see on our shop.  Contact us at